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Gordon Regeneration Associates is a group of experienced individuals who are engaged in Social and Economic Regeneration and who represent a range of disciplines capable of delivering imaginative and cost effective solutions and advice to established and emerging clients who are seeking to put their Community and their organisation on the "Sustainability Map".

Regeneration means different things to different people. Our philosophy is totally people centered and focuses on the belief that communities have great potential and in our way we seek to assist in realising that potential.


The Heavy Horse located on the M8 westbound to Glasgow is a symbol of regeneration which was sculpted by Andy Scott, now world famous for his fine iconic creations with an emphasis on regeneration and community pride, for further information visit www.scottsculptures.co.uk


Workshops Revisited

This is a revision of a paper I circulated just after the demise of Woolworths. This discussion paper is intended for people engaged in social and economic regeneration.
Click to link to download: High Street Workshops Revisited August 2011.pdf


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